"But I'm terrified about choosing a frame!"

Yes, we know, we were once like that ourselves. Never been in a frame shop before? Well you started at the right place! We don't mind explaining what you want to know. Quotes are free. Turnaround time is usually two weeks. We have framed samples of stuff so you can get a good idea about how to make your framing choices. There's a lot of reasons to make Green Lantern your framing headquarters. Once you get one thing framed, its hard to stop. Just ask our customers.

There are several things that you may want to consider...
where you will be hanging the framed piece
colors you would like to emphasize
* if you would like to use
conservation or standard framing.

Look through magazines to get ideas. Many of the rules of the past have been broken and personal tastes have dominated recent trends in just about everything. You may want to tie in the matting colors with other colors in the room. The central focus is to enhance the piece you are framing. Most of the time there are ways to do both.

Our primary goal is to guide you to discover what you like best.

Conservation framing is, for the most part, used on collectables and things of some value. Certain materials can protect artwork from pollution, fluorescent and sunlight damage and can even adsorb acidic gases from the artwork itself!

So you see, there's nothing to worry about, except maybe running out of wall space. Why do you think people buy larger homes anyway? Oh yeah, if you're scared you won't find a parking space, there is plenty of parking behind our building.

"Sure, I was concerned, but I wasn't scared,don't ya see? So I had her framed anyway, ya follow?...,
but the charges was reasonable." s
aid Mugsey






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