"What do I have that needs framing?"

Well, let's see now...there's that poster you bought at the Olympics many years ago, the pins, the photos. And while you were cleaning out a dresser drawer, you came across those army metals of your dad's. Your children came home with some really neat artwork they had done in school. Couldn't they use a little encouragement to develop their artistic talents? Nothing does it better than framing. Wedding photos, family photos...maybe you would like to start a family photo wall. How about framing the christening dress with the little hat and shoes that went with it and include the cute photo.

Frame your travels. The long awaited vacation that will always bring back fond memories. You worked so hard for that diploma. Do you know where it is? Probably with the award certificate that you never got around to framing either. Do you have keepsakes? You know, those sentimental things that mean a lot to you. They're squirreled away and turn up now and then. The next time you're admiring them, consider a shadow box display. The possibilities go on and on. Do you have an idea but you just can't quite figure out the details? Chances are that we have some suggestions that will be worth considering. There are framed samples in our showroom that can help get those creative juices flowing.

Of course we can frame your portraits, paintings, sports jerseys, needlework, newspaper articles, mirrors...

A framed piece of artwork can dramatically change the look of a room. For the most part, people focus on other furnishings and leave decorating the walls till much later. Art and framing bring color and life into a room. A large framed mirror can make a room look bigger. A grouping of photos or collectables can add warmth and interest to any wall.

What can we frame for you?

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