Framing Myths . . .

All frame shops are created equal. Oh contrair, my fair webster. In fact, they vary as much as any other business. Finding one that meets your particular need can sometimes be time consuming or expensive or both. Although we realize that everyone cannot choose us as their primary framer, we do know that the general consensus is that "any old frame shop can do framing." Although it may look simple on the surface, there are many details that make up the finished product. There are very few, if any, who know everything about framing.

There are new challenges, questions, techniques and choices in the industry that are faced only through learning and experience. "Oh Grasshopper, you never completely master the art of Kung-fu... or framing." Then, there is the patience factor. I think that Murphy tried framing once, before he took up law. Sometimes the simplest task can take quite a bit of time. No customer wants to receive lesser quality work just because it may take a little more time or effort to do it right.

You say your uncle Bing made a frame for your aunt Lulu? I'm sure, if it was his first, he had a swell time. Maybe he is an avid watcher of Norm and Bob and has an arsenal of woodworking equipment. Yes there are those that do these things as a hobby and some do quite well. Some folks make their own clothes, others make their own soap... There is a saying that goes something like this; "Someone asked me what time it was and I spent my life trying to make a watch." Although framing is not watchmaking, we suggest you let us handle the framing part of your activities. Nuff said.

Now lets talk about value misconceptions. Just because you see "1/2 price" on something, does not mean you are getting the best deal. Find out the details and the bottom line. 1/2 price of what? Compare apples to apples. Don't forget quality and service. Are the people handling your work serious about their responsibility or just throwing things together in order to meet their monthly sales quota?

"It's not worth driving the extra distance to get what I want," you say. Look at it like this... How long is your framed piece going to hang on the wall, or to put it another way, how long are you willing to look at something you may not be satisfied with? Compare that to the driving time and money that you spend on gas. Make it a day trip. Do lunch on the square. Besides, you can't spend the rest of your life gazing at a computer screen.

You say framing is expensive? It might seem that way in certain instances, but for what you get and the duration of time you will enjoy the product, it's really a great value. Like many other things, different levels of quality, size, and treatments determine price variations. Custom frames are personalized furnishings for your home. They are made to specifications to enhance your items. Compare that to other custom made home furnishings and you will see that the cost is very reasonable! We have many framing styles to cover a broad spectrum of price ranges. Come by for a quote. It's free.




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