Frame story

Spring was here again. Time had passed so quickly in the last few years. It seemed as though each day had gone faster and faster. It was morning as he sipped his coffee. All the family members had headed out on their individual paths for the day and it was a good time for him to collect his thoughts and reflect on the day ahead. He opened the patio doors as the morning light and the scent if flowers streamed into the breakfast area. "It won't be long until I have to be at the office," he was thinking. His thoughts shifted to the past. Things had changed a lot since those early days. Hard work had paid off yet there was always that longing for the way things use to be. He wonders if his children will feel the same some day. Going back for the last cup of coffee he glances at the framed pictures of the kids. For a moment he is pulled back in time. He feels that inner joy of those days gone by, he hears the sounds of laughter, and remembers those special times that will always be.
He smiles.

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